Our Masks

This mask is handmade and high quality. With an outer layer of tightly woven canvas and an inner layer of tightly woven cotton. The 2.0 model has an improved and more defined fit. It is more snug around the top of the face and fits more flattering from the side profile. It also is so easy to talk while wearing this mask! No need to constantly pull up your mask. The straps are adjustable and then once tied the knot is hidden for a seamless look. No dangly straps. It is available in four sizes. 

When you buy a mask from X9 we also will be donating an all black mask to Support Workers, Harm Reduction staff and those living in the DTES of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Not only are you choosing to support a small business your purchase will also be contributing to the well being of those in need. 

Size  Measurements (nose to chin) Measurements (ear to ear)
X-Small 14.5cm 24cm
Regular 15.5cm 24.5cm
Large 17.5cm 25.5cm
Kids 13 cm 23cm