We are the team behind the magic. We have come together as an all female team to engage, and empower the community with inclusive, body positive and sexy outfits.


​I am a multi disciplinary artist and currently a student at Emily Carr. I am working towards my BFA. My goal is to also get a psychology degree so that I can do art therapy. I started creating masks and harnesses out of upcycled designer bags which led to creating items with Rori for fun. X9 started naturally as friends fell in love with our creations, we were the missing piece in the bikini/lingerie world. My goal is to make all people feel special when they wear X9.



​I am a stripper as well as a support worker for women in a harm reduction facility. I went to school for fashion design and am looking forward to going back to school to study Psychology to further my career in women's and youth advocacy. I am driven to be successful so that I can redistribute the wealth back to my community. I am passionate about creating super risky designs for all feminine folks. I want to shake up the norm of what is "appropriate" and highlight that we should all be free to wear what makes us feel confident. I love X9 and aspire to continue to grow in designs that flatter and help all babes to feel sexy & powerful.      


​I have been modelling professionally for approximately 4 years. It’s been a great way to meet other creatives and be part of fun projects where I can express myself through movement captured in imagery. I am driven knowing I have been given opportunities in life that my mom never got, she is my daily inspiration to be my best self and I strive to make her proud (from wherever she may be). My role at X9 is tailor supervisor, where I oversee the process of creating each mask, top, bottom or set. I cut the fabric, and add finishing touches to the suits, while overseeing the process for errors. I also provide moral support/goofy energy to my amazing co-workers! 





I am a Criminology and Business student. Born and raised in Canada, I learnt to do odd jobs, and landed the office position at X9 doing a multitude of things. I took with position as I love the themes and ideas behind this company. In my position within the company, I hope to promote more LGBTQ, Women and Canadian-ran businesses with the heart in the business, instead of money. I believe everyone should feel beautiful in their own skin no matter their size, shape, or struggles; this company allows for this ownership, and I am proud to be apart of this encouragement.  


​I am full time student, and artist with a digital marketing and visual culture background. I was born in Poland, and moved to Canada at the age of 10. I learned to sew from my mother at a young age, and have always loved making my own clothes. I am working on getting my masters in diverse and equitable curation of art. I am passionate about making clothes for women that help them feel confident and reclaim ownership of their bodies and sexuality.